Maluka Estate

Maluka Estate is a boutique olive grove and vineyard situated in Deans Marsh, just 20km inland from Lorne, and the famous Great Ocean Road.

Here, in the foothills of the Otway Ranges, we face due north, looking directly across the western plains. This perfect aspect provides abundant sunshine, with a long, cool ripening season.

Our Estate has a  unique micro-climate that is ideal for the production of luscious extra virgin olive oil. In 2017 we harvested our first crop of pinot noir and chardonnay. To celebrate our first harvest, we have produced a sparkling Pinot Noir/Chardonnay blend that should be ready for release in 2019-2020. These varieties are perfectly suited to the cool climate of The Otway Ranges.

We hand harvest our olives with the help of friends and family - an interesting exercise, given our sloping aspect. Thanks go to our low-cost labour force - without you we would be doomed!

We bottle our oil under two labels - Otway Olives, and Great Ocean Road Olives, both reflecting our proud association with the rapidly evolving food and wine scene of the Otway Ranges, and particularly, the townships of Deans Marsh, and nearby Birregurra.

We are justifiably proud of the true cool climate character, harmony, and intensity of our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils. These qualities have been clearly demonstrated by the incredible success achieved over the past two years in open competitions:

Rule number one is that whatever we are doing must be fun - not so easy with an olive grove. To add a degree of difficulty, we harvest our eight varieties individually, and process them separately, on-site, with our Olio Mio olive oil press.

This allows us to assess each varietal oil, and determine how to present the best possible product. Another big thank you to our unpaid family and friends – the “tasting panel”.

We think our extra virgin olive oil is awesomely tasty, what do the experts say?

Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2018:

  • Gold Medal - Estate Blend

  • Silver medal - Manzanillo

Golden Olive Awards, 2018

  • Picual - Gold

  • Estate Blend - Silver

  • Manzanillo - Silver

Royal Sydney Show, 2018

  • Picual - Gold

Australian International Olive Competition, 2018

  • Picual - Silver

  • Manzanillo - Silver

  • Estate Blend - Silver

  • Frantoio - Silver

Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2017:

  • Gold Medal - Frantoio

  • Silver medal - Estate Blend

Australian International Olive Competition 2017:

  • Gold medal - Picual

  • Silver medal - Frantoio

Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2016:

  • Trophy - Best EVOO in Show - Picual.

  • Gold medal, medium style - Picual.

  • Gold medal, medium style - Estate Blend,

  • Gold medal, medium style - Barnea.

  • Silver medal, medium style - Leccino.

  • Silver medal, medium style - Manzanillo/Volos.

  • Bronze medal, medium style - Frantoio.

National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, 2016:

  • Trophy - Reserve Champion Oil. - Otway Olives Picual.

  • Gold medal, medium style - Picual.

  • Gold medal, medium style - Frantoio.

  • Silver medal, single varietal - Italian varieties - Picual.

  • Silver medal, medium style - Estate Blend.

  • Silver medal, medium style -Barnea.

  • Silver medal, medium style, - Leccino.

Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Melbourne Fine Food Awards, 2015:

  • Trophy – best boutique oil - Family Reserve.

  • Gold medal, Robust style, small volume (<5,000 litres) - Family Reserve .

  • Gold medal, micro volume oil (<200 litres). - Leccino.

  • Silver medal, single estate oil - Picual.

  • Silver medal, single estate oil - Frantoio.

Australian Olive Association, National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, 2015

  • Trophy - best of state - Victoria - Picual.

  • Reserve Champion - Picual.

  • Gold medal - medium style - Picual.

  • Gold medal, Medium style - Frantoio.

  • Silver medal - medium style - Leccino.

  • Silver medal - medium style - Family Reserve.

By necessity, quantities of the single varietal oils are very limited!